Composting Toilets: Which Type is The Best?

A composting toilet uses the decomposition process to remove the waste instead of flushing it with water, most of the people use composting soil in their gardens. Are you looking for the best composting toilet? Then there are lots of choices available but sometimes you can get confused in figuring out what type of composting toilet would be best for you. So here we’re to guide you the types of composting toilets available in the market right now.

Why Use a Composting Toilet?

There are lots of reasons to use a composting toilet, let’s see what they are….

This toilet preserves a lot of water and energy, it will be very useful while you’re out for camping and have limited water. You will get bad odors; it smells less than a normal toilet because there’s a fan inside the tank which allows the odors outside. It is very simple to install you need not do any plumbing work for this.

Types of Composting Toilet

There are three different types of toilets including self-contained, central systems as well as a DIY composting toilet.  Among these two are the basic types which are self-contained and central systems. All the types work in the same way but there will be a slight difference in set up and installation.

Self-contained Toilets

These toilets are available in both electric and non-electric versions, I’ve researched both types and found that electric is better than the other one because electric units have more capacity and have extra warmth to enhance bacterial activity. As it is waterless, you don’t need any plumbing or water connection but it might be quite difficult to fit the vent stack which comes with the unit.

It looks attractive because the high-gloss fiberglass is used in the construction so the users will like the design. You no need to buy a separate toilet so they are more economical than central units.  

Centralized Systems

It is a two-piece system that offers a traditional look and comes with both the water and waterless option. It is not that easy to install because they are similar to traditional plumbing, installation requires a lot of costs when compared to the other two types. There are also additional enhanced features so I’d say that this toilet is worth the money as it can handle more waste.

A large tank can be installed wherever you want either at your home or outdoors, waste will be flushed completely into the huge storage tank. Depending on your needs and situation, a centralized system provides great use and experience for you.


There are more valuable reasons for using the composting toilets but I know that it may take some time for the people to convert their regular toilets into this type. With this type, we can save our water resources that go to waste by standard toilets.

Final Words

Composting toilet is a great option for minimizing power, money, and water as it amazingly helps to conserve water supply so add composting toilet to your bathroom and enjoy its benefits!!! Look at the above review and choose what suits you the most.

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