Round vs Elongated Bowl Shapes – Which Wall Toilet to Choose?

When choosing a toilet, the shape of the bowl is important. Elongated bowls offer more space and a powerful flush, but may be more expensive and not fit well in small bathrooms.

Round bowls are better for small spaces, special needs and children, but may not be as comfortable or have as powerful a flush. We take you through the pros and cons to help you make a decision.

The bathroom is one of the most significant pieces of your home. Therefore, you have to guarantee that the correct bathroom apparatuses are introduced and don’t occupy much room. 

From bathroom fixtures to showers, and toilets, you have to guarantee that they mix well to make a tastefully satisfying encompassing. 

Let look at the comparison of different shapes of wall hung toilets.

Elongated bowl toilet

Elongated toilets are somewhat greater than round toilets as far as bowl size. They generally measure about 18.5 inches long from the post openings to the edge. 

This implies the cover and bowl have an extended shape, much like an egg. The genuine size of the bowl is unique in relation to demonstrate to show, however the bowl will consistently be somewhat greater than with a round molded structure.


Gives you more space

Grown-ups come in all shapes and sizes, so a toilet with a bigger seat zone will be increasingly agreeable for most. You won’t feel like you are going to tumble off or that you aren’t being secured when you plunk down. 

With a greater seat, you can feel more quiet in the bathroom, which will be better for your wellbeing and can help loosen up you when you need it most.

Simpler to clean

This type is simpler to clean, primarily in light of the fact that the bowl is enormous enough to get a brush in there and scour it when you have to. There shouldn’t be a major issue getting those extreme stains to vanish.

Better for men to utilize

There is a great deal of room for men to utilize, particularly youngsters, on the off chance that they have had issues arriving at the bowl previously. With stretched models, there’s a bigger objective for them.

Could have all the more dominant flush

There is a great deal of room in the bowl to take into account a superior flush. While this may not generally be the situation, it is usually valid. It might prompt you sparing water, since you won’t need to flush additional occasions to get everything out of the bowl. 

The additional power with regards to flushing may likewise avert reinforcements and obstructs, since there is more power and water to help everything get where it should be.



Since round toilets have been around longer, an extended one may cost you somewhat more. In any case, contingent upon the models you’re thinking about, there might be a minimal effort contrast.


  • It is somewhat simpler to utilize and clean
  • It is to a greater extent a cutting edge structure
  • It is truly agreeable
  • A few models may have commanding flush


  • It doesn’t fit in little restrooms
  • It is very costly when contrasted with round bowl toilets

Round bowl toilet

Round toilets have a littler bowl and measure in at around 16.5 inches, yet might be somewhat littler. It has a round shape, which gives it a general petite look contrasted with an elongated model. This makes it ideal for littler zones, similar to half-showers, where you needn’t bother with something too enormous or incredible, since it won’t be utilized as regularly as different bathroom in your home.


Useful for exceptional needs

Other than just youngsters, it is some of the time simpler for individuals that are more established or that utilization a walker or wheelchair to utilize this sort. The littler unit considers the opportunity of less mishap to happen.

Simple for children to utilize

They are likewise extraordinary for children, since youngsters aren’t as large as grown-ups and you don’t need them to fall into the bowl when they plunk down. Moreover, it will be simpler with regards to potty preparing, where you shouldn’t need to purchase additional items to enable them to begin utilizing the genuine toilet.

Appropriate for littler spaces

On the off chance that you have a little washroom, you will probably need to get a round toilet. This is on the grounds that it won’t occupy as much room in a room and has a littler impression.

May cost less

The round can configuration has been around for quite a while, so it might be less expensive than whatever other plan when you are in the store taking a gander at various items.


Not the best for bigger individuals. In all actuality you need to have a sense of safety when you are utilizing the offices. Now and again, a round toilet with its little structure and bowl essentially won’t do and you’ll require something greater. A bigger seat territory can have a major effect.


  • It fits splendidly in little spaces
  • It is less exorbitant when contrasted with stretched bowl toilets
  • It is of a customary style


  • It isn’t truly agreeable because of the little sitting zone
  • It has a less commanding flush
  • It is by one way or another hard to utilize and keep clean

Subtleties Comparison Between Elongated and Round Toilet


Before you pick either a round or elongated toilet, you ought to think about whether it will fit well in your bathroom or occupy a great deal of space. 

Elongated bowl structures are normally 2-inches longer in the front than round bowl toilet plans. Now and then, producers make a toilet that is in the middle of these two toilets plans.


The state of the toilet bowl doesn’t affect how the toilet looks. Most toilet makers sell prevalent toilet models in both round and prolonged plans. 

Elongated toilet bowls are oval fit as a fiddle while round can bowls are roundabout fit as a fiddle. The extended dishes are normally connected with huge present day washrooms, while the round plan is related with little, more seasoned restrooms.


Despite the fact that both round and elongated toilet structures are utilized similarly, the degree of solace varies from each other. The more drawn out prolonged bowl shape offers more comfort than the shorter round bowl. 

This is on the grounds that they give all the more sitting space. Prolonged dishes are likewise extraordinary for children as they have a more extensive territory.

Intensity of flush

There are numerous kinds of flushing instruments available. A portion of the well known ones incorporate weight helped, gravity, double flush, twofold twister, and significantly more. 

In the event that the can utilizes a flush that circles the water in the bowl utilizing power, at that point an elongated toilet configuration will give a marginally incredible flush.


Elongated toilets are somewhat simpler to clean when contrasted with round bowl toilets. This is on the grounds that the lengthened bowl in certain brands has to a lesser extent a fissure around the underside of the bowl, which makes it simpler to get a brush to clean inside it.

Which One to Choose?

It is difficult to figure out which one is better since it is truly controlled by your needs and the size of your bathroom. The two kinds are extraordinary for some circumstances and can be utilized again and again as a general rule. It is more a matter of inclination, so you’ll have to figure out what yours is.

The toilet structure that you pick relies upon various things, for example, accessible space of establishment, comfort that you need, simplicity of cleaning, appearance, and cost. 

Elongated bowl toilet structures are the most recent increments in the market and numerous individuals have begun grasping them. 

They are agreeable and simple to keep up than round toilets. Actually, round can bowl plans have been in this industry for long and they are appropriate for introducing in little washrooms. They are likewise less expensive and simpler to introduce.

Along these lines, in the event that solace is what you’re searching for, at that point we will recommend that you go for the elongated bowl design. In any case, in the event that you have a modest washroom, at that point the round bowl toilet will be the best toilet for you.

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